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Our Manufacturing

We have a separate factory Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Pvt Ltd to manufacture products developed by Ideas Unlimited. Click on the image below to visit our Factory website. (Link)

Our Business Model

We engage with customers in a unique way, where we develop and become OEM manufacturers for their products. Click on the image below to know more. (Link)

Our Products

Manufacturing, Sales and Support of our products are done by our manufacturing company Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited. (Link)

Ideas Unlimited works on new product development, new technology development.

A product developed by us, is manufactured by our factory (Ideas Manufacturing Mtysore Private Limited) which focuses on Manufacturing.
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New Ribbon
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New innovations in Wearable electronic technologies.
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Electro Luminescent Panels for Defence Applications
Slide 2
Medical Devices/Hospital Equipment
Slide 4
Wearable Electronic Technologies developed at Ideas Unlimited
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Animatronics - Tech for use in entertainment.
Scale Model Simulators/Functional Miniatures
Scale Model Simulators/Functional Miniatures
Engineered Miniatures
Very small Engineered Precision miniatures
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Internet of Things (IOT), Remote Systems
Slide 7
High Quality Graphical Front-ends, Control Systems
Slide 2
Hi-Precision Electro-mechanical systems
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Robotics, Electro-mechanical systems
Slide 2
Hi-Precision Optics and related systems
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Technologies with Social Impact: Braille Tutor
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Industrial Automation related electronics
Slide 5
Touch Enabled Graphical User Interfaces
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Latest News

15-Dec-2017: Ideas Unlimited signs MOU with JSS University, Mysuru for joint development of Medical and Hosptal Equipment.

JSS University is one of the top Medical university in Mysuru, Karnataka. We had earlier designed and developed Neonatal FeedRail for JSS University, Mysuru. Read More...

23-Jun-2017: Ideas Unlimited was awarded MSME Innovation Excellence Award (Technology Adaption category) from FKCCI (Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

One of the key innovations considered was the Neonatal Feedrail machine, that helps in feeding just born or premature babies in a Neonatal ICU.


10-Oct-2016: Our Factory - Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Pvt Ltd, signed MOU with Palo Alto, USA based Suitable Technologies Inc for servicing/manufacturing of Beam Telepresence robots in India.

Suitable technologies USA, is into making of high end Telepresence Robots called 'Beam'. These Beam Robots were featured in the last few episodes of the hit game show 'Kaun Banega Crorepathi' for 'Phone a Friend' part of the game show.


Turning ideas into reality!

We are an R&D lab that turns ideas into products.

We have expertise in many domains of product engineering, product design which help us employ current and cutting edge technologies to make high quality and well thought of products. We have expertise in mechanical, electronics, software (embedded, PC, mobile devices), physics, optics and many other engineering domains like Bionics, Robotics, Automation, Fun Engineering that help us develop great technologies and products.

We have a separate company to focus on manufacturing and support, Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited. Ideas Unlimited is now focused completely on development on new technologies, new products and Intellectual property development.

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