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Our Business Model

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Our Products

Manufacturing, Sales and Support of our products are done by our manufacturing company Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited. (Link)

Ideas Unlimited works on new product development, new technology development.

Once a technology or concept matures to become a product to be sent into market, it is manufactured by another company of ours (Ideas Manufacturing Mtysore Private Limited) which is dedicated for High Quality Manufacturing. Follow link below to visit our manufacturing company's website:
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Manufacturing Setup

We have a company to focus on manufacturing activities. Visit our Manufacturing Company Website

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Turning ideas into Reality...
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Hi-Precision Electro-mechanical systems
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Research/New Technologies: Glove that senses gestures
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Touch Enabled Graphical User Interfaces
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OEM Electronics and Systems: Brushless DC Motor Drivers
Devices with Biotech Applications.
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High Quality Graphical Front-ends, Control Systems
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Energy Saving Devices, Automation systems
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Robotics, Electro-mechanical systems
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Hi-Precision Optics and related systems
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Technologies with Social Impact: Braille Tutor

Technologies we have developed

Latest News

15-Feb-2015: Ideas Unlimited developing a Timer Switch product for use in domestic/industrial applications.


08-Aug-2014: Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited starts pilot lot (limited batch) production of Heavenly Air - Ionic Air Purifiers. This products was turned from an Idea into a product by us!


20-Apr-2013: Construction related technologies developed at Ideas Unlimited. We work with Ace Technologies, Bengaluru to develop methods and tecnologies for Masonry Engineering Masonry Units (EMUs)


05-Mar-2013: Ideas Manufacturing launches Special edition MS501 series sensors in White color with an appealing industrial design.


05-Jan-2013: Ideas Unlimited to be a focused technology, products and IP development company. Read More...

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Turning ideas into reality!

We are a company that turns ideas into reality.

We have expertise in many domains of product engineering, product design which help us employ current and cutting edge technologies to make high quality and well thought of products. We have expertise in mechanical, electronics, software (embedded, PC, mobile devices), physics, optics and many other engineering domains that help us develop great technologies and products.

We have a separate company to focus on manufacturing and support, Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited. Ideas Unlimited is now focused completely on development on new technologies, new products and Intellectual property development.

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