Our Capabilities

Expertise we have

We are a one stop "Idea to Product" company who can turn ideas all the way into sellable products. We are an ideal partner for any kind of "Make In India" Initiaitive.

We have expertise and capabilities in the following domains:

Product Engineering

  • Product development from idea to concept, prototyping, design and development, product to production and sustenance.
  • High Quality Aesthetics, Ergomics incorporated into design
  • Support for Contract Manufacturing, taking products to production and sustenance for products developed by us
  • OEM Manufacturing support through our manufacturing unit
  • Prototype development using commercially available off-the-shelf materials

Defence Technologies

  • We have expertise in developing defence related technologies.
  • Domains like Robotics, Bionics, Biomedical systems

Embedded Hardware and Software Design

  • Microcontroller based systems
  • Sensors, Data logging processing and Instrumentation
  • Analog/Digital Data Acquisition and processing.
  • Multi-threaded programming on low-cost microcontrollers.

Digital RF Communication Links and Stacks

  • Proprietary RF communication Links, stacks in ISM Bands
  • General Purpose networking based systems (Zigbee, Mesh networking etc).

Electro-Mechanical Systems

  • Automation Systems
  • DC Motor/Stepper/Servo motor control
  • Electro-mechanical systems
  • Robotics

Engineering software, Graphical User Interfaces, Controls

  • Desktop software for high end engineering application across multiple Operating systems
  • Proprietary GUI Software for automation and control applications
  • Android, Windows Mobile, Palm and Mobile Linux Applications

Large, Scaleable Server Software

  • Scalable Mission Critical software that are available 24X7
  • Linux and Open Source software


  • Low Volume, High Complexity Manufacturing expertise
  • Ergonomical design of interface/control systems
  • Industrial Design of products