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We have an eco-system built to help develop new products and to take them to production. In this regard, we have evolved a model that helps us meet various needs of our different customers.

Our Engagement model with our customers and external institutions and R&D Labs.

Ideas Unlimited focuses on:

  1. Turning ideas into reality
  2. Technology development
  3. Product Development
  4. Intellectual property development
While Ideas Unlimited remains a focused IP, technology and product development company. All activities to convert an idea into a POC, prototype and to product is done at Ideas Unlimited, with some support from our other unit where necessary.

Once an idea becomes a product, we hand it over to our other firm Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited (Our manufacturing focused unit) to produce and manage the product for its full life-cycle.

Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited focuses on:
  1. Overall Product Manufacturing Management
  2. Quality Control Aspects
  3. Intellectual Property Protection aspects in the process
Ideas Manufacturing takes care of full product life-cycle and sustenance of the product in market. Our manufacturing unit manufactures products both for ourselves and in OEM Mode for several customers. For manufacturing activies other the ones listed above, we rely on our network of ISO 9000 compliant manufacturers and Manufacturing Service providers.

Our Lab Facility

We have invested extensively to setup a fairly well equipped lab for all kinds of R&D activities in Mechanical, Electronics, Software etc. Click on Link to learn more about our facility.

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