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20-Apr-2013: Construction related technologies developed/under development at Ideas Unlimited.

We have been working with Ace Technologies, Bengaluru who are promoting the adaption of cost-effective and better earthquake resistent masonry technology in India. We have developed some concepts that make such technologies more site-friendly and also help in speeding up work at a site:

Design to Site concept!

  • Designt to Site: Developed along with Ace technologies, this method isolates complicated tasks of construction to planning stage. Robust planning reduces overheads, wastage and delays in site and speeds up construction.
  • Tools for better construction: We have developed some tools (and some are still under development) that help do better construction.
Visit our "Masonry Construction" Link to learn more

05-Mar-2013: Ideas Manufacturing Launches 'Special Edition' MS501 series Movement Sensor Switches in White color

Manufacturing of our "Ideas Unlimited' branded products is now completely handled by our other company "Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited".

The new company has been striving to improve further on the products we have already had and has now come out with a cute-looking white colored MS-501 Series Special Edition sensors that look aesthetically appealing, along with being a very reliable device.

Design to Site concept!

Click here to read the brochure

To know more about this product e-mail to:

05-Jan-2013: Ideas Unlimited to be a focused Technology. Products and IP development company

This announcement has been overdue. Ever since our new Manufacturing company Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited (Link) was setup in August 2012, we have rejigged Ideas Unlimited (founded in 2009) to become a focused Technology, Products and IP development company.

This change has been in line with our original vision we had for Ideas Unlimited back in 2009, when the company as setup. Ideas Unlimited will remain in the business of New Technology development, New products and Intellectual Property development, while Ideas Manufacturing will look after Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales, Support and Service of the products that eventually go to production stage.

At Ideas Manufacturing, We manufacture both our in-house products marketed under 'Ideas Unlimited' brand as well as OEM products we develop for our customers and partners. Any product which matures beyond prototype and pilot production, are taken over by Ideas Manufacturing for production and further aspects of a product Life-cycle like improvement and sustenance.

Our Engagement model with our customers and external institutions and R&D Labs. Click on image to learn more.

The business model we envisaged in 2009 when we founded Ideas Unlimited is taking shape now. Visit our Collaborate with us page to learn more about how we operate with our customers.