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An animated butterfly on the poster of a Children's movie!

When an old classmate who was involved in a one of its kind Crowd Funded Children's feature film project (Social themed Kannada Children's Movie Jeerjimbe), and asked if a novel poster for attracting children can be made with an initial idea, we designed a low cost animated poster that is rugged enough to be put up at movie multiplexes as a Prototype.

Video: Butterfly flapping its wings on the movie poster!

The engineering challenge in this project was to use low cost material and minimal automation and fabrication techniques, and yet keep the cost low for the poster to be made at low volumes at a commodity price!

Butterfly's wings printed/fabricated as separate parts...

Rigid material cut in butterfly wings fixed on to the poster with a hinge mechanism.

Rigid material after sticking colorful sticker cover!

Wings attached to flapping mechanism.

About the movie Jeerjimbe

Jeerjimbe has bagged 4 Government of Karnataka state film awards, Producer of Movie is Mr. Karthik Shekhar from M/s Beehive Production.
  • Best children movie – 2016
  • Best child actress female: Siri Vanalli ( daughter of Niranjan Vanalli)
  • Best music director: Charanraj
  • Best lyrics : Karthik Saragur
The movie is named after the jewel beetle - at the ripe age, the beetle's wings are cut and the wings are used to make ornaments and jewels while the beetle is let to die.

The attempt, through this movie, is to showcase the struggle of a girl coming to age.

Finished Product!