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Animatronics: GRS Fantasy Park mascot that nods its head and waves its hand to visitors.

GRS Fantasy Park, Mysuru created Fiber glass mascots for placing them at various locations of the park, to guide visitors and also as a spot where children can take pictures of themselves with the mascot.

A finished stationary mascot at the park (The one on the left side ;-)

Video: Video of the finished mascot, ready to be painted and deployed.

Our esteemed Customer GRS Fantasy Park, Mysuru
Link to GRS Fantasy Park, Mysuru (external link) website...

Hand Assembly before mounting...

Hand Assembly being assembled.

A mascot at a water theme park, attracts children/adults and at the same time, provides brand identity for the park. Apart from making the visit memorable, the mascot will remain in memory for the visitor.

So, when they approached us with this request to automate the movement of the head and hand of the mascot, we were only too happy to take up this project.

Moving hand part after assembly.

Head-nodding Assembly before mounting.

Had some safety features built into the mechanism as well.

Final Assembly of mechanism into the mascot.

We at Ideas Unlimited, designed and built an electro-mechanical mechanism with a control system to enable the mascot to nod its head and waves its hand in a synchronized fashion, which will add to the WOW Factor.

On Startup, the mascot aligns its head/hand to a preset start position and then starts off teh synchronized movements.

The team that designed and built the mascot automation mechanism!