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Apprentice Project: Door bell that literally 'Rings a bell'

When a good customer of ours approached us asking if we could build a door bell that 'literally rings a bell' when someone rings it, we were both amused and thrilled because of the fun quotient.

Video: Door bell that literally 'Rings a bell':-)

A new apprentice in our lab, was only thrilled to build such a bell. It was developed and fabricated in our lab. The cast iron grill we sourced to be made part of this bell gave the added vintage appeal.

The bell has a cam like mechanism to give a yank to the bell's clapper. Also, it has a sensor to control the motor to park the cam mechanism exactly at a position where it is ready to fire for the next ring. The entire system is controlled by a small 8-bit microcontroller.

Open view of the assembly.

The bell mechanism after it is covered up.