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Automation Systems - Ideas Unlimited branded products in market

We have an in-house line of products that are used in:

  • Home and Industrial Automation
  • Energy Savign Sensors
  • Security Products for hi-security zones
Apart from the above products, we also have several automation related products under development and in various prototype stages. These products are manufactured, sold and supported from our Manufacturing company Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited. Click on Link to know full specifications and details on our products.

Our in-house products are sold under 'Ideas Unlimited' brand through a dealer network.

Our design principles:
  • High reliability product, fit and forget.
  • Designed for conditions/situations the product operates in (Rural, Urban, bad power scenario)
  • Retro-fittable - Fits into existing situation without major changes.
  • High Quality Aesthetics and ergonomics
  • Continuous improvement of product in every new iteration and launch

Early Prototype of a Special Edition Miniature Movement Sensor Switch

In this section:

  1. PIR Sensor based Movement Sensor switch
  2. Security systems for Hi-Security zones