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OEM Technologies: Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Drivers and Systems

We have developed technologies/products/OEM Electronics (and/or embedded software) for our customers. Some of these are products where customers require highly reliable partners for their embedded/electronic systems development while, they focus on their core area of business and expertise.

We have developed BLDC Motor drivers and taken it to bulk production with ISO certified contract manufacturers for our customers

Brushless DC Motor driver is one such product we have developed and taken to productioni.

We already have a hall-sensor based, hi-power BLDC Motor driver. We are also working on a sensor-less Brushless DC motor design as well.

We have designed and prototyped a low-cost, high reliability driver for an industrial motor for our customer. The driver PCB has met some of the stringent specifications for end users and verified during our DVTs (Design Validation Testing).

This product has gone through the full product life cycle development at our setup right from prototype to actual product including product sustenance support (including manufacturing).

Left: Early Prototype PCB, Right: Functional and Reliability Test Jig and Setup in our Lab and Manufacturing Facility

Board Reliability testing and analysi

Manufacturing support for OEM products developed by us

In OEM product business, we develop the design to meet specifications required and eventually bulk manufacture the OEM products for our customers in our own manufacturing setup - Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited.

Our Manufacturing Company (www.ideasmfg.in).

In this manufacturing setup, we focus exclusively on two aspects:

  • Quality Control, Final build
  • Protection of Intellectual Property
Many of the manufacturing activities, we outsource to ISO 9000 compliant contract manufacturers.