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Engineered Bottle Light for RCC roofs - Free Light for Life!

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How does it work?

This concept was inspired from the 'Coke Bottle Light' that are used in housing projects in Asia and ASEAN nations.

Bottle Lights embedded into RCC Roofs, can draw in
NATURAL LIGHT - Free Light for life for dark lit corners of your building!
Well Lit using Natural sunglight!

The difference between the original Coke Light and our Glass Bottle Light is that, our concept is an engineered one. So it takes into consideration the common conerns and details for execution in a typical house with RCC roof construction. This can be adapated to other roofing technologies as well!

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Pictures below show details of this simple 2 button prototype remote and its working.

The Bottle and the CNC-Router cut Plywood jig to hold it in position.

The Plywood place holder in-place along with the
roof-centring sheets. Then the RCC iron rods
are inserted around the bottle.

Roof is getting cast.

15 days after roof is cast, and with adequate curing the supports from the
bottom of the roof is removed. Bootle Light reveals itself

Roof Centring removed completely. Faint light appears inside.

Bottle at the top side of the roof.

Bottle filled with clear water, added with a chemical to prevent
Algae growth and also to diffuse light.

Now the same area - when there is natural sunlight outside!

Finished Roof Surface with Terracotta tiles for heat insulttion
Bottle Lights projecting out from top to absorb natural sunlight.

Same area, after finishing. Plastering, putty and Paint!
Well Lit using Natural sunglight!

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