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Debug logger watch for debugging Bionics/Wearable electronic systems

We have been developing a variety of wearable electronic systems for use in Defence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Specialized Robotic/Bionics applications in our lab.

One such technology developed is closed to being commercialized. This is a debug logger watch that can be driven off using embedded electronic system power and it has a 8 line display that can show and scroll debug log data.

This prototype is a wired version, and we may build a wireless version of the same device soon.

This was developed as a debugging device for robotic/bionic applications by Ideas Unlimited.

A tiny wired device for now, to collect debug data and
display from wearable electronics which are difficult to debug.

Size comparison of the electronics next to a 1 Rupee Coin.

Watch can continuously log upto 8 lines of text and scroll unlimited amount of text.