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DentiSafe 360

Dentistry has been one of the most impacted domains of medical practice due to Covid-19, because of the nature of work involving grinding, aerosol etc. Till now dentistry practitioners did not have any robust system that can ensure safety of clinic, doctor and patients during Covid pandemic times.

Brochure: DentiSafe 360

This product was designed during Covid lock down as a quick and easy tool to be used by Dental Hospitals, Dental Clinics and Operation Theaters.

Dentisafe 360 allows dental clinics/hospitals to quickly sanitize dental chair and surroundings in 2-5 minutes after each patient without using chemicals, using UV Light! The device is a versatile system with 9 degrees of freedom which allows dental chairs to be sanitized with UV light from all angles you can imagine, including under the chair and table top instruments.

DentiSafe 360 Deployed for daily use at JSS Dental College and HHospital, Mysuru

DentiSafe XRAY edition deployed at JSS Dental College and Hosptial, Mysuru

Dentisafe 360s/XRays just out of production line in our factory.

DentiSafe 360s supplied to a customer

DentiSafe 360 in Chair cleaning/360 Degree room cleaning mode configurations.