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Technologies that can be used to build Smart devices and gadgets

Since 2009, we developed technologies that can be used in making useful and smart devices for automation and handheld/powered gadgets. We have invested several man years of efforts to develop proprietary, but light-weight and easy to implement Graphical user interface systems, Keyboards for embedded applications, Communication systems, libraries associated with it, and technologies that enable connectivity to devices.

An LCD screen used in one of the proof-of-concept gadgets developed by us

Some of the technologies we have show-cased in this page below.

In this section:

  1. Graphic LCD based UI for automation applications/gadgets
  2. Touch screen LCD system for high-end control applications and gadgets
  3. Embedded Web server for internet-enabling of systems and gadgets
  4. To be published: SD Card based file systems for expanding storage in embedded devices and Gadgets
  5. To be published: 6 button Keypad Interface for full settings management and navigation
  6. To be published: Playing WAV/MP3 Audio from an embedded system
  7. To be published: RF communication stacks in ISM bands
(Note: We usually do not show-case in-process projects/products. Once a product has matured to be showcased, it will be put up on the website. Further in some cases, confidentiality agreements prevents us from showcasing certain products).