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ETG project was funded by DST and is executed by JSS-AHER (JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research) and Ideas Unlimited, Mysuru.

The intent of this product was to make a low cost point of care blood coagulation pattern detection device, that can operated with just a drop of blood using electrical characteristics of human blood. The project effort involved developing serveral versions of capillary based electrodes, cuvette based electrodes to find the right ideal electrode using experimentation with blood samples on each such electrode.

First Version of ETG device that collects data and logs
it into a PC, pictures show blood sample applied.

Electronic System developed for this research project.

Alternate electrode developed - copper electrodes inside cuvette

Electrode heating block developed to ensure electrode is maintained at human body temperature throughout the experiment.

Screenshot of the specially developed clinical trials data management software that can record and maintain data from thousands of patients.

The software can also filter and analyze such data captured and export for other analysis tools as well!.

Blood sample being drawn using a Lancet prick.

Drop of blood flowing through the capillary in various stages.