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The Glove Project

The glove project was developed in our lab by a team of student apprentices using our lab facilities and our guidance. We were intrigued and both interested by their idea and offered to support the project.

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  1. Video demo
  2. The concept
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  4. Student project @ Ideas Unlimited

The Glove project developed at Ideas Unlimited

Video on this technology

Video explaining how the Glove project works on our Youtube channel

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The Concept

The Proof of Concept setup consists of :
  • A glove with lots of sensors
  • A wearable watch like interface board
  • A hand shaped display board (evaluation jig) for testing/debugging of the glove.
  • A Microprocessor interface for grabbing data from glove for processing for respective application.
  • A Software on a Laptop that interprets the sign and speaks out!

Different parts of the Glove project POC

Detects all joints of fingers in open position

When all joints of fingers are closed...

This POC proved that using low-cost sensors it is possible to pick up binary signals from finger joints - whether the joint is open or folded - which can be interpreted for decoding sign language from a person wearing the glove in real time.

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Although the POC was developed for interpreting sign language by a computing device, the potential of this Glove concept if developed into a product is enormous. It can find applications also in:
  • Gesture sensing device?
  • Useful Input device for computing applications (PC/Mobile)?
  • Diagnostic device in medical applications?

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Student Project @ Ideas Unlimited

The students mentored under this project are from the Dept. of InstrumentationTechnology, SJCE, Mysore.

The student team that built this POC

(Right to left)
Nikhil R - 97381-31081
Ajay Rao - 94835-03680
Swaroop G S - 87222-90002

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