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Graphical LCDs for control applications and gadgets

For low cost applications, we also have graphical LCD and OLED and a variety of displays IPs developed in-house which can be integrated easily to build a device or gadget with a specific function. These graphical frameworks are built on a low-cost, off-the-shelf easily availabel LCD platform, which can also be easily adapted to say OLED Displays or other types of displays.

Left: PCB, Display, keypad designed for an IP65 enclosure.
Right: Software for a closed loop control system using our proprietary Embedded
GUI framework, that can monitor and control multiple parameters.

One of our in-house GUI frameworks being used for developing a monitoring system for a biogas plant Proof of Concept

User Interface elements of our proprietary Touch-screen GUI

Modal Message boxes, along with a RSSI
(Recived Signal Strength Indicator) to display signal strength.

Typical PIN Entry screen for enforcing access control to settings screen

Typical Settings screen which accepts cell-phone numbers.

Another settings screen with a setting option

A Threshold setting screen where threshold level can be set graphically in a setup screen.

The screens shown on this page were part of a proof-of-concept system we developed to monitor a biogas plant. The same GUI Library will be used for few more products under development.