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Heavenly Air: Ionic Air Purifier product

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Background to this product

We started producing a pilot lot of this product around June 2014.

This is an Ionic Air Purifier system that fits conveniently to the Air vents in homes (register) and has several advantages over conventional Air Purifiers placed

Heavenly Air - Ionic Air Purifier
Designed, Prototyped, Developed into a product by Ideas Unlimited and Ideas Manufacturing.

Front side of the product carton.

Backside of the product carton.
(For Industrial Applications)

Convenience of using this product. (On the backside of the product carton).

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Product Development details:

The Product patent is owned by Techno Pragathi Inc, USA who is our customer. We developed this product from their idea and took it all the way to production on their behalf.

For any sales or product related enquiries please contact TechnoPragathi Inc.

Techno Pragathi can be contacted by e-mail at technopragathi@gmail.com

Heavenly Air Website: www.heavenly-air.us

Product developed from Idea -> Prototype -> Product

Ideas Unlimited and Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited have been working on this product for close to a year from the patented idea stage to making it a product.

Skeleton chassis for the first prototype made at our lab

Chassis mounted behind an off-the-shelf air vent cover

First Prototype

Prototype #4: Another prototype for a different size vent

Front side of the prototype #4

First Product Prototype - Most parts made using Rapid Prototyping Technologies

A final producy prototype with Brass Plated finish.

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