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Hi-Precision Electro-Mechanical Systems, Software

Over the years we have invented/developed several machines and systems for customers (and for our in-house use). We use multi-domain engineering capability in a collaborative approach to design/invent new stuff.

Our expertise in multiple domains of Engineering, when developing a product or a concept or inventing a new concept, we take a holistic view (big picture view) of the system and how the end users will use the system. We do not restrain oursevles with a narrow domain and sometimes even dare to venture into Engineering domains where we are not necessarily the experts!

Combined with the above, and using latest cutting edge technologies, we create highly efficient and extremely 'usable' systems.

A Hi-Precision system for making, testing optical devices, we have developed for Wusten Purple LLC

Case Study: An optical system we developed for Wusten Purple LLC

This is a high-precision optical system we developed for Wusten Purple LLC (Link). Wusten Purple LLC is in the business of improving ergonomics for surgeons, dentists and also into dental equipment and related instruments.

We cannot reveal the full details of this system on the website as per the terms and agreements we have with our customer. (Also, there is a patent pending on this system, due to which we cannot share details of this invention).

However, Wusten Purple LLC has been kind enough to allow posting of pictures of the device as it was one of the fine concept/invention that has come out from us.

Optical System using Lasers for calibration, testing and validation of the end product