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Instrumentation Software for data acquisition and study applications

We also have extensive instrumentation software capability for a variety of data logging and analysis applications, which we routinely use during the course of developing many technologies. Some of the software are featured in this page:

Silicon Photo diode Sensor data logging software

Screenshot of a Silicon Photo diode sensor data logging software used to develop Luminometer for measuring Bio-Luminescence for CFTRI, Mysore

For this software we developed a custom, multi-threaded UI control which could plot graphs in real time and compress time scale in real time as more data started coming in. The software also allowed providing data in Excel/CSV format and also saving the graph as a bitmap for documentation purpose.

Data logging software for 3-Axis accelerometers

We are also working on a data logging software to collect, visualize and analyze data from an Accelerometer for studying movement and acceleration. For this project we are developing a custom control that can display an accelerometer's data in real-time and also compress time scale as more data comes in.

Acceleroemeter data: 3 Axes shown in 3 different graphs

Acceleroemeter data: 3 Axes shown in Single graph with different colors for comparison

Further, teh view can be switched in real time to show a single graph with 3 colored plots for different axes, or three different plots for three axes data.

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