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Low Cost Ionic Air Purifiers

Built using proven Ionization of air principle, these type of air purifiers have been proven to reduce particulate matter, bacteria and viruses in air drastically over a period of time where they are kept running.

Brochure: Anion based Air Purifers
The Anion based air purifiers generate millions of negative ions, which attach to particulate matter and ensure they either get attracted to ground or nearest surface, thus keeping the breathing paths clean and provide safe and clean breating air.

Personal Ionic Air Purifier (AIP-01) Fits on top of your palm

Personal Ionic Air Purifier (AIP-01) switched on.

Personal Ionic Air Purifier (AIP-01) Size comparison with a pen.

Commercial Ionic Air Purifiers (AIP-02) with dual ion generators
and convection fan working.