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Proprietary IOT Hardware Stack/Embedded Software Framework -(Zigbee/Wifi Support) and Client side IOT FW

Ideas Unlimited has been developing IOT Tech for customers for last 3-4 years. This is our fifth IOT technology effort and a major effort at that. Due to agreements with customers and/or nature of certain tech and its potential, we wont be publishing about all the projects executed by us on the website.

This framework was developed for an Australian company SENSITAL (www.sensital.com) to complement their iBOTics platform. This is a proprietary IOT framework developed from the scratch using open source Atmel ARM 32 bit controller based hardware (ATSAM3X8E on top of Arduino Due) and our own proprietary software stack mostly using open source software and TCP/IP.

There is no dependency on any third party IOT Frameworks (Google, Microsoft, IBM or AWS) etc for this IOT framework we developed for Sensital's iBOTics Platform. However, Sensital's iBOTics platform is designed to work with all frameworks in a generic manner, irrespective of under-lying technology.

Topology showing deployment of WiFI IOT nodes as well as Zigbee IOT nodes at two different sites, and the IOT Framework's working with Sensital's iBOTics platform.

Zoom View of the Hardware IOT deployment topology (From previous graphic) showing the details of how nodes interact with Gateway under Wi-Fi and Zigbee modes.

Our IOT platform supports following Wireless Protocols between the IOT nodes and their IOT gateway for now.

  • WiFi
  • Zigbee
The framework is designed to be extensible with more wireless or wired protocols at a later date with a little effort. Also the framework is designed to work with commodity cost hardware.

Proof of Concept: RPC Light-Switch node developed using the IOT framework.

Proof of Concept: Zigbee to WiFi Standalone Bridge

Proof of Concept: Zigbee Proximity Sensor Switch node.

Proof of Concept: Zigbee based PT-100 Industrial Sensor for IIOT developed using this framework.

Proof of Concept: Zigbee based Pressure Sensor
for IIOT developed using this framework.

About Sensital:

Sensital was formed in 2017 with the vision to make every one of its customers a truly connected enterprise. It is a complete end-to-end IIoT solution provider, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with operations in the US, Canada and India.

With a revolutionary product, domain expertise and implementation services, Sensital is helping its customers drive their Digital & IIoT programs from start to success.

To know more about this tech, you can contact:
E-mail: info@ideas-unlimited.in
E-mail: enquiry@sensital.com
Telephone: Ideas Unlimited, Mysuru - +91-821-2972979
Telephone: Sensital, Australia - +61-451-447-803