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An IR Remote Control Transmitter/Receiver system

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How does it work?

The IR Remote generates a 36Khz carrier wave, on which binary bits are Bi-phase encoded (Manchester encoding) with a constant bit time for each bit in the sequence. There are many other protocols that use different methods of modulation on the carrier.

We have developed Xmitter and Reciever IP for use in various control and automation applications and products that we develop. The prototype shown below is was built using a design we developed with an effort of several months. We can now build custom Remote Controls and reciever modules.

A custom-built 2 button IR Remote Control developed for a product prototype.

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Pictures below show details of this simple 2 button prototype remote and its working.

Internals of the IR Remote Prototype.

Software on reciever hardware detects code for UP button.

Software on reciever hardware detects code for DOWN button.

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