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Quick Deployable Isolation Cubicle

Introducing, Portable, Quickly deployable Isolation Cubicle Solution, which can convert any ordinary hospital bed in any ward into an Isolation Facility. The Unit comes with an integrated Multi-Mode Air purifier, which kills airborne viruses within the cubicle and ensures secondary infection from covid patients is curtailed.

Brochure: Quick Deployable Isolation Cubicle

This light weight unit can be folded and stored in a warehouse when not in use, and can be deployed in under 5 minutes by 2-3 people.

Isolation Cubicle Deployed!

Fold, pack and transport in two light weight pieces.

Deploy Isolation Cubicle anywhere! Deployed Isolation Cubicle

Four Doors with gasket seal for ease of access, patient insertion

In built utilities: Filtered Fresh Air Suction into cubicle, Multi Mode Air Purifier cleans exhaled air of patient.

The unit can be used in Airports, Railway Stations, Hospitals, Covid Wards, District and Taluk Hospitals for safe handling of pandemic situations.