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Pneumatic Launcher for Amusment Park Ride @ GRS Fantasy Park, Mysuru

Ideas Unlimited developed a Pneuamtic based Launcher platform to launch people to a sliding ride at GRS Fantasy Park (Water Theme Park) in Mysuru.

Video: First trial run of the Pneumatic driven Amusement Park Ride Launcher.
Our esteemed Customer GRS Fantasy Park, Mysuru
Link to GRS Fantasy Park, Mysuru (external link) website...

This pneumatic driven launching system reduces the effort of staff assiting people on to the rides, especially during peak load days and conditions. Also it takes into account safety of the ride as utmost importance in its design and execution at site.

Video: First Tests after installation before trial run!

The Control panel to operate the Pneumatic Launcher.

Chassis of launcher mechanisms installed at site and being tested.

Final Assembly of the Pnemautic Launcher.

This launcher was designed for an existing ride, with minimal changes at the installation spot as well as minimum down time of the ride at the site. It has been commissioned and working since the next day!

Launcher Dry run before trying out people.

3D Drawing showing the launcher was design
to fit into existing topology of the ride at the site.