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Miniatures/Engineered Scale Models.

At Ideas Unlimited, we have built several scale models/miniatures for certian projects/products. Some of the best miniatures/engineered scale models are show cased here.

The featured list includes:

Miniature Scale Models of buildings etc.

Miniature temple that is barely 1.5 inches tall!

Temple tower illuminated!

Left to Right: Model, Fabricated Model, the same house with lights on!
One Rupee Coin placed next to the model to give a sense of scale!

A miniature petrol bunk (Gas station)

Highway view after final installation of miniatures in large model!

All the miniatures were first drawn to scale model, then fabricated piece by piece and assembled together!

Miniature model view of a highway after finishing.

Other One inch tall miniature precision engineered models of buildings, Water tank, Billboard etc.

More One inch tall miniature precision engineered models

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Miniature Model of a portable storage unit.

These pictures are from the 12 inch tall miniatures built as a replica of a portable temperature controlled storage unit.

Left: Drawing/Model of the scaled model. Right: Scaled model under construction.

Inside view of a miniature modular insulated storage unit.
Height of the model is approximately one feet (12 inches)!

Left: Outside view of the miniature storage units. Right: Opened view.

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