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Multi-Mode Air Purifiers (UV-C, Ionization, HEPA Filter)

These air purifiers were designed and built during Covid lock down and intended to be operated in a Covid ward/Covid ICU and can reduce chances of secondary infection from Covid patients drastically by upto 90% to other patients or front line covid healthcare professionals!

Brochure: Multi-Mode Air Purifiers

Our Multi-mode Air Purifiers are designed to clean air in 3 modes, UV, Ionization and HEPA Filter!

Multi-Mode Air Purifiers (Models: MMAP-03 and MMAP-04)

Virology Lab test report proving effectiveness of Multi Mode Air Purifiers!

Multi-Mode Air Purifiers (Models: MMAP-03 and MMAP-04)

Biosafety chamber built for conducting Live Virus test using Multi Mode Air Purifier

This product has been tested in a professional virology lab by nebulising live viruses and found to clean up the target area from airborne viruses and bacteria in 20-40 minutes completely! The product was developed at the peak of Covid lockdown targetting Covid Wards to prevent secondary infection to front line healthcare workers, as this product can neutralize airborne viruses and microbes.