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OEM Products: Development, Manufacturing support and Full Life-cycle management

We develop products and technologies for us as well as for customers. As part of technology and product development, the next step after development is to take it to manufacture and support the product.

Our original vision when we founded Ideas Unlimited was to develop an eco-system to make new things and also to support their manufacturing and sustenance and further improvement as the product matures in its market. In line with this, we have setup our own Manfuacturing Unit (Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited) where we shift a new technology/product once it is ready for production. In this manufacturing unit, we focus specifically on two aspects.

  • Intellectual Property Aspects
  • Quality Control
For rest of the manufacturing activities, we depend on ISO 9000 compliant contract manufacturers and specialist vendors to do the tasks, with Ideas Manufacturing overseeing the overall aspects of product making.

You can read "About us -> Customer Engagement" to know more about how we work with our customers to turn their ideas into reality!

BLDC Fan Driver: One of the OEM Products we designed as per spec, made it into a product for our customers and now manufacturing from our other unit. To know more about our manufacturing unit, visit www.ideasmfg.in

(Note: We usually do not show-case in-process projects/products. Once a product has matured to be showcased, it will be put up on the website. Further in some cases, confidentiality agreements prevents us from showcasing certain products).

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  1. BLDC Motor Drivers and Systems