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Hi-Precision Optical Assembly and Testing Fixture

This instrument was developed for Wusten Purple LLC by us.

A Hi-Precision system for making, testing optical devices, developed for Wusten Purple LLC

This is one of our best technology/system we developed and where we took an idea into a concept, developed specifications and made it into a fully functional system. The system was completely developed in Ideas Unlimited Lab over several months of effort.

This system involved following domains of work:

  • Mechanical systems (Hi-precision)
  • Electronics (Lasers etc)
  • Optics, Lenses etc
  • Software for simplifying the usage and quality

Angular verniers in the system - can provide 0.1 degree resolution for angle setting

We cannot reveal the full details of this system on the website as per the terms and agreements we have with our customer. (Also, there is a patent pending on this system, due to which we cannot share details of this invention).

However, Wusten Purple LLC has been kind enough to allow posting of pictures of the device as it was one of the fine concept/invention that has come out from us.

The Hi-Precision optical system

System has lasers on board for calibration, test and evaluation

Lasers being used for calibration

Another gauge on the system

Custom fabricated parts that went into making of the system

We also developed a supporting software for this system which helps in the precision computation required to operate this system.

Low resolution screenshot of the software that helps use the system