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Energy Efficient Under water LED Pool Lights.

We modified existing pool lights which were Halogen type, and consumed 120 Watts for each such light. The same water proof enclosure with customized board having 2 X 10 Watt High intensity LED Lights now illuminate each of these under water pool lights.

This was built as part of an Apprenticeship project initially. It was developed and deployed successfully!

Net Power in Halogen: 120 Watts X 4 = 480 Watts
Net Power in LED:  20 Watts X 4 = 80 Watts

The Drive unit for low voltage underwater illumination Pool LED Light

Mounting of High Intensity LED lights inside the existing water proof enclosure.

Apprentice at work!

Dip testing in pool water after assembly.

All four Underwater Lights of the pool made into LED lights and deployed!