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Full Color RGB Persistence of Vision (POV) Device!

Persistence of vision refers to the optical illusion whereby multiple discrete images blend into a single image in the human mind and believed to be the explanation for motion perception in cinema and animated films.

The same concept is employed in devices like this to give an illusion of a full frame picture/moving picture.

We developed this Persistence of Vision Embedded hardware and portions of embedded software for a Startup in Mysuru called RevEngg. (www.revengg.com). RevEngg is startup started by a group of students, while still studying in College.

Persistence of Vision at work to display text. Text exceeding display area scrolls.
One/Two line display possible. Display can be controlled from a mobile app using blue tooth.

This device consists of a rotating PCB on which a microcontroller, 20 RGB LEDs are placed. When the PCB rotates, a colorful display is generated by time slicing the rotation in microseconds. The timing has to be precise to show the clear picture.

Text to be displayed can be beamed to the device via BLUE TOOTH through a Mobile phone app and software developed by RevEngg!

POV Device being fabricated and tested.