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Miniature scale model Functional Simulators

We built a miniature simulator/Scale models of many larger systems for marketing/training and other applications. One/Few such miniature scale model simulators we built for domestic/MNC Customers are featured on this page.

Note: We cannot share much more details on these simulators due to agreements/NDAs with customers.

Miniature Simultaor night view, Lights, displays on the Simulator can be controlled through software!

CNC machined 4'X 8' size base for table with key mounting features.

Assembly of fabricated scale model miniatures cand testing before landscaping.

Video of the functional Simulator in parts.

Meanwhile, electronics and control system drive the simulator fabricated.

The team of engineers/artistes at work!

This entire system was designed, developed, fabricated and delivered over a period of 6-7 months. It evolved during this time into a good engineering/artistic piece of work. Most elements of this simulator were 0.003X the actual size of the real things!

Final contours of the model before beautification.

Finishing touches with landscaping and elements.

The electronics and control system were custom designed for this specific applications, and Printed Circuit Boards were designed spefically for this application and then built up piece by piece to make a fully functional and controllable simulator.

The Control system electronics mounted underneath the model.

One of the billboard miniatures of the model which
provide real time info about the simulator. Clever disguise!

Goofing off with Asterix, Obelix, and friends miniatures for photo shoot!