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Technologies with Social Relevance

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  1. Interactive Braille Tutor with Speech capability
  2. The Glove Project - To interpret Sign language
We have invested significant amount of time and money into developing technologies with Social Relevance. The Braille Tutor project is being improvised over the last three years and it is now nearly in a stage to be turned into a product. We have encouraged some apprentices to work on similar technologies with Social relevance. The Glove project - Wearable glove which can decode Sign Language used by the hearing impaired.

Prototype# 4 (Latest prototype) of Braille Tutor Concept

The Glove project - being tested in our lab

Our Blog Posts related to these technologies

  1. 'Glove' project gets award at IT-Biz-2012
  2. Oct 2012: The Glove Project - Student project @ Ideas Unlimited
  3. Sept 2012: Electronics For You Magazine - Sept 2012 Issue features our Braille Tutor under 'Innovation' section
  4. Aug 2011: Braille Tutor concept becoming a formal product: Prototype 2
  5. May 2011: Concept: Braille Tutor with Sound playback support