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Timer Switch: An automatic device to switch on/off your home lights at evening even when you are away from home

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Background to this product

This product has been in the pipeline for quite some years but due to pre-occupation with other work had not materialized. Now are are working to make this product a reality by March 2015.

Timer Switch default screen

Typically when you are away from home for more than a day or two, you are usually worried about giving an impression outside that nobody is at home. So the idea of a this Timer Switch, to automatically switch on and switch off various lights in your verandah and porch even if you are not at home was envisaged.

We have got the hardware and software right, and now we are close to software testing on this product. The product will have 4 programmable timers that can control 4 output lines independently. So the device can be programmed to switch on your outdoor/verandah lights daily irrespective of whether you are at home or not.

The product also has designed to suit Industrial needs as well, where certain equipment are not allowed to be operated within working hours of the company. A PIN enforcement feature is also provided so that settings cannot be tampered by anyone.
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The product is not yet in a completed form as software testing is going on right now.
We are providing a sneak peak of some of the screens/features of the product.

Main screen has a Real time Clock running, along with indication
of the 4 Timer programs and their status.

Settings to timer can be access controlled using PIN
(For Industrial Applications)

Various Settings options

General Settings.


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