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Touch Enabled User Interfaces for Control Applications

We have designed several proprietary software frameworks and hardware systems that form our IP for making High Quality front-ends for Control Systems and Applications. One of them is a Light-weight touch-enabled User Interface libraries for touch-enabling of a product. This technology was developed for a Home Automation application.

Prototype version of the Light-weight Touch screen GUI developed at Ideas Unlimited. The current version is in color!

Video demo

Video demonstrating the working of touch-screen GUI On our Youtube channel

User Interface elements of our proprietary Touch-screen GUI

This Proprietary GUI designed with high-performance algorithms for use with 8-bit Microcontrollers. Employes several techniques similar to gaming software to make fast responsive GUI display.

Displaying images that can be used to make multi-lingual interfaces for automation applications.

The software runs on a '8-bit microcontroller' @16 MHz. We have some neatly optimized software built on it. In this alpha release we have standard GUI controls like buttons, text boxes etc that are demoed in the video.

Left: Text and Image buttons, Right: Numeric keypad

Various UI Elements - Checkboxes, Text boxes etc.

Numeric Keypad Touch interface

Text Keypad Touch interface

The 'idea' behind this project was to build a generic touch enabled user interface that is easy to use, low cost and it can be adapted as the primary user interface for any kind of small and medium sized control applications. It can be adapted for control panels for consumer electronic products, industrial systems, CNC systems or just any system that requires a reasonably complex set of parameters to be managed on a user interface.

Demo screen displaying screen similar to the classic Bricks game

It can also be used in complex remote controls of remote controlled systems.

Touch-screen/Graphic LCD Devlopment and Test platform made by Ideas Unlimited.

The software is written modular enough to be adapted for any other LCD module as well with some effort. We are also working on a similar idea that uses a TFT Color LCD along with touchscreen. It will be however a few more months before we can put up a demo on this blog.

Graphic LCD displaying photographs.

We are also working on Color TFT with touch-screen based high performance embedded GUIs for use with 8-bit controllers for Automation applications. Watch this space for more updates...