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Wearable electronic technologies developed by us

We have been developing a variety of wearable electronic systems for use in Defence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Specialized Robotic/Bionics applications in our lab.

We can showcase only limited number of technologies on this page due to Non Disclosure agreements with customers and nature of some of the technologies. However we have many more wearable technologies related developments going on in our lab.

Some of the unique tech we have developed are:

Wearable Electronic Glove for Sensing geatures

This had its genesis in The Glove project made in our lab by a few apprentices. From that early glove, it has come this far where it is professionally made with a lot of man months of engineering going behind these kind of wearable electronics systems.

Text to be displayed can be beamed to the device via BLUE TOOTH through a Mobile phone app and software developed by RevEngg!

A glove which will have all electronics hidden inside,
while allowing electronics to be separate so glove can be washed too.

Innovative fastening mechanism

Body Wearable electronics

We have also developed several body wearable electronic systems for various bionic related applications. Details cannot be revealed at this point of time.

A wearable electronic system that can be strapped on to body to sense various parameters of human movements.

Footwear with sensors embedded inside.

We have also developed footwear for bionic applications where the electronic footwear can detect when the foot is on the ground using sensors embedded into the foot wear.

A wearable footwear with sensor inside being fabricated.

Electronic sensors embedded footwear!