News from 2016

News - 2016

10-Oct-2016: Ideas Our Factory - Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited signs MOU with Palo Alto based Suitable Technologies Inc

Our factory has signed MOU with Palo Alto, USA based Suitable Technologies Inc (Link - External Website) to repair/manufacture their Beam Telepresence robots that will be sold in Indian Market.

The beam Telepresence robots become the user's virtual avatar in a remote place and user can be present remotely without having to physically travel. Further, the beam robot provides mobility - can be driven remotely by the user through the internet giving remote mobility as well.

Its like virtually being there!

A Beam Telepresence robot being used for remote presence.

A Beam Telepresence robot used in popular gameshow
Kaun Banega Karodpathi, for Phone a Friend

Suitable Technologius Inc has been selling Beam Telepresence Robots in India since 2016.

Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited has been supporting these robots sine then given our manufacturing ability of robots and similar technologies.